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3D Paper Flowers

These 3-dimensional mulberry paper flowers are all hand made from durable, acid free mulberry paper & are suitable as embellishments for hand made cards, wedding stationery, hair accessories, gift boxes, front covers of scrapbook albums etc. There's a wide variety of styles, sizes & colours ... including blossoms, daisies, lilies, carnations, gardenias & pointsettias.

New Products For October - 3D Paper Flowers

MP3D9 10 x Vintage Pink Gardenias

10 x Vintage Pink Mulberry Paper Garden...

MP3D9 10 x Blue Gardenias:

10 x Blue Mulberry Paper Gardenias...

MP3D9 10 x Lipstick Gardenias:

10 x Lipstick Mulberry Paper Gardenias...


MP3D9 10 x Caramel Gardenias

10 x Caramel Mulberry Paper Gardenias...

MP3D7 ArumLilies Red

20 x Red Mulberry Paper Arum Lilies...

MP3D7 ArumLilies Pink

20 x Pink Mulberry Paper Arum Lilies...


Featured Products - 3D Paper Flowers

MP3D9 10 x Ivory White Gardenias

10 x Ivory White Mulberry Paper Gardeni...


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