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15mm Roses


These beautiful paper roses are hand made from acid free mulberry paper & are sturdy embellishments for cardmaking, wedding stationery (invitations & placecards), corsages, bonbonniere, special occasion stationery, mini topiary rose bushes,  hair combs, millinery, collector dolls & teddy bears, miniature dolls houses, gift boxes, serviette rings etc.

They are available in a variety of colours & are 15mm in diameter with a fine wire stem.

New Products For February - 15mm Roses

MPRO15 50 x Grape 15mm Roses 182

FINAL STOCK - 2 packs only:  ...

MPRO15 50 x Mushroom/Ivory 15mm Roses 542

50 x Mushroom/Ivory blend 15mm Mulberry...

MPRO15 50 x Mauve 15mm Roses 185

50 x Mauve 15mm Mulberry Paper Roses...


MPRO15 50 x Mulberry 15mm Roses 186

50 x Mulberry 15mm Mulberry Paper Roses...

MPRO15 50 x Lilac 15mm Roses 187

50 x Lilac 15mm Mulberry Paper Roses...

MPRO15 50 x Lavender 15mm Roses 183

50 x Lavender 15mm Mulberry Paper ...


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