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enthaily wholesale … importer of scrapbooking embellishments, mulberry paper roses & flowers, skeleton leaves, fabric frangipanis, fabric embellishments & other craft supplies.

Craft Supplies catalogued on this site are imported from South East Asia where most are hand made in thriving rural cottage industries.

The range of mulberry papers, mulberry paper 3 dimensional rose blooms/flowers & flat floral/leaf shapes, skeleton leaves, fabric embellishments & motifs, charms, meshes, ribbons, buttons etc are acid free and ideally suited to use as embellishments for scrapbooking projects, hand made cards, wedding & special occasion stationery/invitations etc, & a wide variety of other craft projects …. limited only by your imagination.

ABOUT PAPER:  The word paper comes from papyrus, a marsh grass that grew in the Nile River valley in Egypt. There, in approximately 3000BC, the people used criss/crossed water soaked strips of the stem of this plant to form flat mats that were then dried in the sun. It was then discovered that if they were beaten into thin sheets before being dried in the sun, a light material was produced that was suitable for writing on etc.

The Egyptians, and later the Greeks &  Romans, used these sheets for recording the events of the time, painting, etc. There were other peoples around the globe nearly two thousand years ago where crude attempts to make paper were also made, but although the result of their efforts served the function of a paper, none of these resembled the papers of today. It was from China that the process of producing a paper with a fine smooth surface was perfected around 100AD.

Mulberry paper is made from the bark of the mulberry tree – a sustainable natural resource from the hill tribe areas of S E Asia. It is very durable & does not tear easily. Both the hand made & machine milled papers are characterised by either a rough texture or grain within the paper & this adds a pleasing dimension. Some papers are embossed, others hand painted. All are acid free.

Mulberry paper is versatile & very easy to use to create different effects. For instance run a wet cotton bud along the paper & then tear along the line to obtain a soft attractive fuzzy edge.

The 3-dimensional mulberry paper roses, rosebuds & 3-dimensional blooms are very realistic, & are becoming very popular as themed embellishments for Wedding Invitations, Place Cards, Thank you Notes, Bonbonniere etc, as well as in bridal posies, haircombs, flower baskets, on wedding cakes & as table decorations.|These roses may also used to create interesting 3-dimensional wall plaques & free standing topiary rose bushes .. unique gift ideas.

Our range of mulberry paper roses & flowers are hand made & hand dyed in rural areas in SE Asia – this cottage industry provides ladies with limited education there with a viable livelihood in their own villages where employment opportunities are often limited & usually the only alternative is to move to the cities where they are often drawn into prostitution to survive.

Please Note: our mulberry paper roses are hand made & dyes are mixed to a set formula but hand measured¬† … unfortunately slight differences may occur between batches. When roses are ordered we always endeavour to supply roses of the same batch colour so that all will be the same as near as is possible.

We cannot guarantee that we will supply exactly the same colour for secondary orders on all occasions, so we recommend that you purchase sufficient roses for your requirements at the same time.